100 years of tango at Bozar

Categories: Music
Date: 18/09/2019 to 23/05/2020
Time: 20 h 00
Location: Center for Fine Arts - BOZAR
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In the 2019-2020 season, BOZAR will continue the series 100 years of tango. Astillero brings new, rather rough tango compositions from Buenos Aires in a formation containing 2 bandoneon players giving the music extra power. The legendary Juan José Mosalini also comes with his Gran Orquesta de Tango all the way from Buenos Aires with his version of classic Argentine tango. Matti Salminen and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra present Finnish tango, a softer, more melancholic variant of the Argentine tango, which has been popular in the North since the 1930s. The Glorvigen Trio, on the other hand, performs southern temperament in Bach’s fugues with the fiery tangos of Piazzolla, the Caro and Cobián. Finally, the Fernandez Fierro Orquesta Tipica shakes the tango with their sense of spectacle and their daring flirts to other genres such as rock and jazz.



18.09.2019 – 20:00

Embodying revival, Astillero offers an incisive and intense vision of tango that’s rough and violent as a reflection of our era. Its music expresses the incongruities and contradictions of the urban jungle of Buenos Aires. A style that’s full of energy and which the group defines in the words: “it kicks, breaks, hurts, jumps”. 18.09.2019 – 20:00


12.10.2019 – 20:00

Developed in the 1930s, today Finnish tango is a flourishing musical genre in its own right. This surprising musical style is one of melancholy and passionate romance, without the thundering accents of Argentinian tango. Before conquering the world of opera, bass singer Matti Salminen made his name as a tango singer in Finnish dance halls. At BOZAR, the renowned singer returns to his first love, accompanied by the rich, full sound of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, led by rising young conductor, Taavi Oramo.

Belongs to: Nordic Fall


10.01.2020– 20:00

Juan José Mosalini is a real living legend and one of the last great bandoneonists of Argentinian tango. Often compared to Astor Piazzolla, the genius of the genre, with whom he has worked, Juan José Mosalini has shared the stage with big name artists such as Osvaldo Pugliese, Horacio Salgan and Susana Rinaldi. At the head of his illustrious ensemble, Juan José Mosalini will be stopping off at BOZAR at the start of this year.


9.02.2020 – 15:00

In Die Kunst der Fuge, Bach composed not only one of his greatest but also one of his most enigmatic pieces. At first sight, comparisons with the Argentinean tango may seem absurd. However, the Glorvigen Trio proves otherwise! Using a violin, bandoneon and double bass they bring Bach’s complex fugues to life with an abundance of passion and southern temperament. They combine the various fugues with fiery tangos by Piazzolla, de Caro and Cobián.


23.05.2020 – 20:00

Bringing together 12 musicians and a singer, this orchestra has revolutionised the tango scene with its violent tones and spectacular performances. Opening up to rock and jazz, they have played with several artists including The Cure, Rufus Wainright, Lou Reed and Björk. Embodying the complex-free tango of the 21st century, which is neither afraid of mixing with other musical styles, nor of straying from the beaten path. the Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro never stops revolutionising the customs of the genre, in a Buenos Aires charmed by so much audacity and energy.