3, 2, 1…KETMET 2019 is coming to you!

Categories: Event
Date: 03/04/2019 to 31/10/2019
Time: 12 h 00 - 16 h 00
Location: Abbatoir
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Throughout spring, summer and fall, we are transforming Abattoir into the largest covered playground in Brussels. KETMET 2019 is happening again every Wednesday afternoon until the end of October with eating, playing and having fun together. It’s free and everyone is welcome!

Between 1 and 4pm you can play with all available playboxes. Our space is yours too, so don’t hesitate adding your ideas and animations to this playground (accessible) for all. Our team will introduce you to all our mobile playboxes during the KICK-OFF. They are happy to show you the way from our pop-up boxing club to the cookie box, guiding you on scooters from the music corner to the toddler zone. Do you want to organize a football match, a running or cycling competition? Or would you like to learn how to build a soapbox, a racket or a bridge with you and your friends? Nothing is impossible here at KETMET!

Our cooking team invites you to share a cheap and healthy meal at “BARATTOIR”. Between 12 and 14 our volunteers serve delicious creative lunches based on market surpluses, entirely in accordance with the Good Food principle. It is a place where you can have lunch with your friends, family or colleagues, but where you can also bring your own food, picnic and enjoy a delicious piece of Brussels.


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In addition, musicians and artists will add a very diverse musical mix adding extra flavour for all senses. Are you an artist or musician? Would you like to come and play some music, show your art or organize a workshop? Check our open call here. Old or young, local or expat, whether you are here to move your body or just want to relax on a bench, there is a place for everyone here.  And access is completely free.


Kuregem has 170 different nationalities. Diversity, hyperdiversity, superdiversity: these are terms that we describe as ‘ordinary’. We choose to connect people, regardless of origin or cultural background, through their daily needs: play and food. Our originality lies in its simplicity.

Our workplace, a few steps away from the Grote Markt, got the last few years a reputation of a NO GO ZONE. Together with NV Abattoir, our partners and the city itself, we turn this place into a MUST GO ZONE ! The 10,000 sqm of Abattoir in Anderlecht welcomes 100 000 people every week during the various markets. Cultureghem uses the potential of this bustling meeting place and is working on a creative and enterprising MUST-GO-ZONE in the Brussels-Capital Region.



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