Brussels summer festival

Categories: Festival/Contemporary music
Date: 14/08/2018 to 18/08/2018
Time: All Day
Location: Brussels Expo
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At the beginning of August, Brussels vibrates at the rhythm of the Brussels summer festival. Since 2002, during 10 days, Belgian and international artists follow one another on the stages of the Place des Palais, the Mont des Arts, the Place des Musées and since two at the Madeleine. Every year, the BSF displays almost complete. The 10-day passes are on sale at the end of the year celebrations for the modest sum of 50 euros. A real success. But that was before.

For the 2018 edition, the BSF will only last 5 days, a decision taken in consultation with the programmer Denis Gérardy and the management of the Brussels Expo festival. “This is a reflection that we have been conducting for a long time because we are recording an erosion of the sale of 10-day passes,” explains the Brussels Expo spokesperson. We saw that most of the spectators do not come during the whole festival and we prefer to concentrate the concerts on 5 days with four opening days for the Place des Palais, the one that the public prefers. ”

Brussels Expo also points out that security costs have increased particularly since 2015. To hear them, it was either a price increase or a decrease in the number of days. It will be 5 days of programming but an identical price for the festival.
Same rate for less concerts

We can thus see a disguised way to increase the price of the famous pass since for the same price, the music lover will have the choice between fewer concerts. It is also the small artists who will be affected by this economic decision. At the beginning of the festival, they opened the ball at the Madeleine and the Place des Musées under the marquee of the Magic Mirror. Fewer opening days inevitably means fewer scheduled groups and potentially fewer discoveries.

“The important thing for the majority of people is the artists present at the place des Palais,” we say at Brussels Expo. The scene will always be open 4 days as last year. ”
An identical budget

As for the budget of the event, it will remain the same. What to have bigger headliners? “We will see what will be the programming but you must know that the stamp requested by the productions only increases with time. However, we can hope to have more important artists. Half-tone compensation for BSF fans who will be less tired at the end of the festival.