Categories: Concert
Date: 01/03/2017
Time: 19 h 00 - 22 h 00
Location: Ancienne Belgique Club
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Genre: Americana, Blues, Indie
Organiser: AB
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Metropolitan big-city blues that colours deep red

19:00 doors – DJ François du Painlait
20:30 Flying Horseman

In early ‘17, Flying Horseman will reside in deSingel (in Antwerp) where they will be working on a brand new project (working title: ‘Panama‘). The sextet has decided to create a set in which their musical and thematic obsessions are allowed free reign and in which the various band members receive more of the spotlight more than ever before. Expect an uninterrupted piece of music with a sophisticated visual framework, in which songs clash with epic instrumentals and in which social engagement, anger, outrage and revolutionary zeal go hand in hand with existential toil and the most intimate desires.

Panama‘ attempts to take the dreams and fears of these six searching souls and translate them as starkly and confrontingly as possible into sound and onto a stage.

Panama’ is a co-production with deSingel international art campus, Handelsbeurs, 4AD and C-Mine