Meet Mike Assudani, your future Tailor from Mumbai

Categories: Event
Date: 20/07/2017
Time: 18 h 30 - 20 h 30
Location: AnH Fashions
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A Brussels friend of mine has changed recently.

He is very nice, value-oriented and a perfect friend, but, apologies, he never looks elegant. His clothes are always a little bit too small or a little bit too large and the colours do not necessarily fit with each other. Six weeks ago his outer appearance changed totally – he was wearing jackets and trousers which fitted him wonderfully, great fabrics, well-chosen colours. I thought about a new female partner. He denied and told me a secret.

Here it is.

A Mumbai tailor, who is coming since years regularly to Brussels, offered him a custom-made suit from his tailoring company established in Hong Kong since the eighties. I decided to follow the example of my friend.  Therefore here my information (plus a concrete proposal for the end of this week): Mike Assudani from will organise a presentation for those who might be interested:

When: Thursday, 20 July 2017, h 18.30-20.30
Where: Rue Jean Stas 4 (2F), B-1060 Brussels (near Metro station Louise)


He told me that there are still some free places. I was explained that the client selects the samples from a collection of more than 1,000 fabrics, especially from England and Italy (Dormeuil, Scabal, John Cooper, Charles Clayton, Zegna, Monti, Thomas Maison etc), chooses a style according to his personality, and is measured to the last details. The order is then forwarded to Hong Kong.

For the very first order, they provide an additional “fitting service”. After one month Mike Assudani will come back to Brussels, where all the possible details regarding the “fit and cut” of the garment are once again discussed in order to finish the product. The fitting is then sent back to Hong Kong, where the suit receives the very last finishing touch. After some three weeks the finished suit is then hand-delivered (no worry about any declaration or the package being lost in transition).

In case you are tempted to come on Thursday, please confirm your presence via email at: