Meet the director: a premiere, a masterclass, and debates – Christian Petzold in Brussels

Categories: Screening
Date: 30/09/2018 to 11/11/2018
Time: 0 h 00
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The Goethe-Institut Brussels presents the work of Christian Petzold together with Cinéma Galeries and BOZAR. 

Christian Petzold is one of the most important directors in contemporary German cinema. His work is characterized by formal accuracy, well-founded aesthetic decisions and the cleverly measured enjoyment of historical references to film history. With great subtlety he sketches the characters without taking their secrets from them.



Christian Petzold adapts the novel “Transit” by Anna Seghers for the cinema and creates a timeless version of this story of exile filmed in historic places in Marseille.

A crowd murmurs and jostles in the entrance hall of the Consulate General of the United States of Marseilles, men and women of all ages, a woman with two dogs, all seem nervous and anxious, while standing in line, their papers in hand, and wait anxiously to be received. Suddenly, an elegant young woman with a red blouse comes running to the lobby. She looks stalked and troubled, seems to look for someone waiting, her eyes quickly scrutinizing the crowd. It disappears as quickly as it appeared. Shortly after, a young man, wearing modest clothes, appears at the entrance. The lady at the reception calls her family name and incredulous, he doubles all the others, stunned, in the queue, and rushes forward. The prospect of finally receiving its much desired and long-awaited transit visa seems to be giving it wings.

Two film talks and one master class flank the retrospective, and the Brussels premiere of Petzold’s latest film, “Transit”, is also on the program.

Christian Petzold: Barbara
19h00 – Cinéma Galeries | Film + Q&A

Christian Petzold: Phoenix
19h00 – BOZAR Cinéma | Film + Q&A

Christian Petzold: Masterclass + Gespenster
19h00 – Cinéma Galeries | Masterclass + Film

Christian Petzold: Transit
17h00 – BOZAR | Première à Bruxelles

Christian Petzold: Die innere Sicherheit
13h00 – Cinéma Galeries

Christian Petzold: Yella
19h00 – Cinéma Galeries

Christian Petzold: Jerichow
19h00 – Cinéma Galeries

Christian Petzold: Dreileben
19h00 – Cinéma Galeries

Christian Petzold: Kreise
19h00 – Cinéma Galeries

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