Tjens Matic: an old Belgian rocks in the Ancienne Belgique!

Categories: Concert
Date: 17/01/2018
Time: 20 h 00
Location: Ancienne Belgique
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An Old Belgian rocks in the Ancienne Belgique!

Tjens Matic! That explains everything, of course: this is Arno with three rocking musicians (Arno & Mirko & Bruno & and, euh, Laurenso) and they play the heavier stuff by Tjens Couter and T.C.Matic.

Classy of him, now moving on to the main hall after that full, unbridled ABClub early in ’17. Again with the amusing subtitle: ‘an Old Belgian rocks in the Ancienne Belgique.

De Standaard already headlined: ‘TC Matic (sic) herleeft in Tjens-Matic. Arno Hintjens begint een nieuwe groep, waar de vonken vanaf moeten spatten. ‘Omdat we meer anarchie nodig hebben.’ 

Umpteenth time as Arno, T.C. Matic, Charles et les Lulus… As many times as his ripe old age?

When reviewing the (ever raw) mix of that ABClub in March 2017 afterwards at home, Arno fell from his chair ‘at least four times, for sure’ (no surprise if you are familiar with his furniture…)