Meet the Belgian who dies for Portugal

Veerle Devos was born and raised in Belgium, and has stayed in great places all over the globe while traveling for work and pleasure. Veerle likes to be called Vos. She is a historian, a journalist, an independent traveler, a writer and a curious urban walker.

Veerle Devos
Veerle Devos

A couple of years ago,  Vos moved from Belgium to Portugal. She immediately started to explore her new Wonderland – on foot, by train, by car, by boat, from the air. She really turned this country upside down and inside out. She very much enjoyed sharing the hidden gems she discovered with her friends, and her enthusiasm proved to be contagious.

Vos calls Portugal home, particularly Lisbon. “Portugal is beautiful, compelling, tasty, profound, sunny – to me, this is a country so unique and extraordinary it’s simply to die for” she explains. It’s with this motto “Portugal, it’s simply to die for” that she decided, together with the photographer Yves Callewaert, to release pictures of her favourite Portuguese spots that are to die for.

“You’ll see me ‘dying’ in every picture, in awe of so much beauty, only to happily resurrect each time, and go on to discover even more amazing places in this Wonderland” says Vos.

This project aims to create a travel guide who will inspire those who aim to discover hidden gems in Portugal. Vos and Yves are currently trying to collect 5650$ through a crowdfund campaign in order to enable them to edit, print and distribute the book worldwide.