Vox Populi: Niels Biermann from Trier, Germany

1. What are your expectations/hopes from these elections?

Primarily I hope for a greatER voter turnout in the upcoming elections. It is important for us in these turbulent times to bring our hopes and wishes for the future of Europe to the ballot. Whatever the outcome may be, I hope that many people and especially young people go to vote. The challenges we are faced with, such as Brexit, show how fragile our democracy is and how vulnerable the EU can be. It is of the utmost importance therefore to send a signal to the populists that try to sabotage the European project and show them that peace and cooperation will be stronger than hate and division. Of course, I hope for a great turnout for the parties that defend my and other young peoples’ interests, but I also hope that populism will be reduced to a minimum.


Niels Biermann


2. Do you/people in your member state still have faith in the EU to deliver?

While there is a Eurosceptic party in the German parliament (AfD), the majority of people are very pro-European. Given our past and the atrocities that the older generations have seen, the German people are generally happy about the EU and the close cooperation with our numerous neighbours (nine in total). A letter to our “British friends” was signed by many German celebrities to show how much we regret the British decision to leave. Countless pro-European movements and events organized by the people show how much Germans appreciate and trust the EU. While there are issues that German people acknowledge, most of us know how much we benefit from EU membership and that we cannot and must not take it for granted.



3. Will you be voting? If so, who for (if you are willing to say)?

I will be voting for sure since it is my societal duty to do so. While I have not decided yet on who to vote for, I am looking for a pro-European, democratic party that aims at bringing Europe forwards and not backwards.