Marni Jazz Festival

Categories: Festival
Date: 04/09/2019 to 14/09/2019
Time: 20 h 15 - 23 h 30
Location: Théâtre Marni
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It has taken 16 years for the guitar to take centre stage at this festival! In previous years, the accordion, cello, tuba, bass, piano and trumpet have featured on the posters for this musical rendezvous, that marks a new beginning every time –  the beginning of a brand new musical season.

This year’s festival opens up the playing field for a rendezvous between Belgian and international artists. We wanted to give carte blanche to musicians who are familiar with the scene and who are open to styles close to jazz. Guillaume Vierset will venture into rock, accompanied by two international guests, and Lorenzo di Maio will explore the land of classical music and electric guitar, accompanied by a string quartet. Paolo Loveri and Alain Pierre will host an “intimate double bill” for a refined and mature evening.

There will also be a “Hungarian Focus”, with Gabor Gado and Balint Gyemant accompanying two “high-flying jazz ladies”: French trumpeter Airelle Besson and the singer Veronika Harcsa from Budapest.

Finally, Kurt Rosenwinkel, unanimously heralded as a prodigy and a trendsetter in the history of international jazz, will play the closing notes of the fortnight.

You won’t have to wait long before the next concert – jazz will of course continue throughout the whole season!

The Marni Jazz Festival is organised and supported by the Brussels Institute for Hungarian Culture, The Centre for Czech Culture in Brussels, Sabam for Culture,, Pianos Maene, Westmalle, Brussels Life, Supermiro, and RTBF La Première.

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