10 ridiculously good reasons to attend museum night fever

One of the most exciting museum events of the year, and 10 reasons why you should visit

1. You haven’t done anything until you’ve visited a museum by night

See, there’s definitely something poetic yet exhilarating about wondering around in and out of museums while the stars are shining in the sky

2. At the museum but differently

Don’t expect the museums to have the same look & feel during Museum Night Fever. It’s all about providing you with an unusual experience tailored by the artists, not by the institutions!

3. Plenty of insta-worthy moments

In case you didn’t know, the Brussels Museums are pretty photogenic which means beautiful moments to capture throughout the night with #MNF18. We’re also sharing your best shots throughout the year with #brusselsmuseums.

4. 27 museums to choose from, 1 unique price

Museum Night Fever costs you merely 11 euros on presale but allows you to visit a total of 27 different museums. For an average visitor, that represents around 4 or 5 museums. Your ticket is also worth one more visit throughout March in one of the participating museums.

5. Major exhibitions to behold

For all the exhibition-freaks out there, the highlights of the season are freely accessible with your pass during the evening!

6. Be the first to discover new talents

Hundreds of young talents from all disciplines have vowed to reinterpret the collections of 27 museums + expect live music and DJ sets to brighten up your visits.

7. We’re guiding you all the way

We’ve teamed up with STIB/MIVB to make your itinerary as smooth as possible & have organized a signage around some of the museums that are harder to find. Better be lost in your imaginary than wonder the streets for hours.

8. Friends night out

Your buddies may find museums boring, but this is definitely a unique occasion to prove them wrong with a full spectrum of original and non-museum related activities.

9. There’s not only one Museum Night Fever…

The night is actually yours to decide which experience you want to live.

10. A central afterparty keeps your head in the clouds

Cause we’re here to part-eeeeyyyyyy with FTRSND (Future Sound), the same team that brought you the Brussels Electronic Marathon. Get ready to move to a 100% local and electronic line-up.

  • Tickets available here