2.5 million Belgians saw the Red Devils reaching the 3rd place

The battle for third place of the World Cup football was watched on Saturday by 1,066,393 Francophones and 1,503,328 Flemish viewers. In total, more than 2.5 million Belgians witnessed the second victory of the Red Devils against England during the tournament, and the only two victories Belgium have ever had over England in a World Cup. The Moscow final was less successful, with just under 2.2 million Belgian fans in front of their screens.

The World Cup of Russia is over, but at the time of the balance sheets, it is the semi-final France-Belgium of July 10 which will remain in the Belgian annals instead. On the two public service channels, four million fans had seen their dream of the cup final evaporate against the French.


This is the audience record of this World Cup for Belgian TV, with 80% market share on both sides of the language border. The Red Devils still ensured on Saturday 82.9% of audience shares (PDA) RTBF and 88.6% to VRT, while they were fighting for bronze against England. On Sunday, 891,727 viewers on (69% PDA) and 1,286,249 on the VRT (81,3% PDA) viewed the coronation of France against Croatia in cup final. This represents a little less than 2.2 million Belgians.

Earlier in the same day, the festivities related to the return of the Red Devils in Belgium were followed by 358.969 viewers on average, for an audience share of 46.7%, says the RTBF. RTL Belgium has recorded an average of 149,500 viewers between 11:30 and 16:00, according to figures available Monday afternoon. The tribute to the national team also attracted 689,668 Flemish supporters (51.2% PDA) on the VRT and 223,000 fans on average on the private channel VTM.

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