2019 Directory of the Top EU Public Affairs Consultants

Lobbying in Brussels is a significant industry, led by well-educated, highly-skilled, knowledgeable and mostly agreeable people. Every major commercial, not-for-profit, and governmental organisation lobbies in Brussels; academic programmes educate lobbyists; and well-established professional bodies like EPACA and SEAP represent the sector and spread best practice. The lobbying sector contributes hundreds of millions of euros to the Brussels economy, and fosters better EU policy-making for business and citizens. Hence, BestinBrussels.eu is unapologetically pro-lobbying and seeks to promote best practice, the best firms and the best professionals. 

The 2019 Directory of the Top EU Public Affairs Consultants identifies 150 stand-out individuals in alphabetical order.

Clicking on the hyperlink associated with each name (where there is one) will lead to a detailed profile of the consultant and give useful professional information on their experience, education, specialisms and languages; together with interesting personal insights into their proudest achievements, interests outside work and their favourite Brussels anecdotes.



Check out the following link to see the list of the Top 150 Public Affairs Consultants in 2019