6 Portuguese women are running for the Communal Elections 2018

Last Sunday the Portuguese community in Brussels got to know six new candidates. They are all women and members of the Socialist Party.


Silvia Gonçalves Paradela

She is a candidate for Woluwe Saint-Lambert.

Joana Benzinho Santos

She is a candidate for Brussels.

Inês de Matos Pinto

She is a candidate for Etterbeek.

Yasmine Rodrigues Morais

She is a candidate for Ixelles.

Estela Costa

She is a candidate for Saint-Gilles.

Isabel da Silva Shale

She is a candidate for Anderlecht.


According to the Brussels Institut for Statistics and Analysis, 6,2% of the non-national population in Brussels are Portuguese. They are the 6th European community. A ranking led in 2017 by Romania with roughly 40 000 expatriates.