A Cat Museum designed by Philippe Geluck will open in Brussels

It’s official, the most famous feline in Belgian comics will see his Chat Cartoon Museum in 2023. The Chat, designed by Philippe Geluck, has built a fine reputation in cartoon comic strips since its creation in 1983. Sometimes with a scratch, sometimes through philosophical thoughts, he has charmed his audience.

The Chat Cartoon Museum will be located at 6 Rue Royale, right in the centre of Brussels. Accessible via the BIP’s Cour des Lions, the museum will enhance the site, already occupied by the permanent “experience.brusssels” exhibition, the headquarters of visit.brussels and an interactive model of the region. The project, announced a few years ago, was formalised by Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of the Brussel-Capital Region and Philippe Geluck with the signing of a partnership agreement.



A 4000m² building over seven floors will be built and will house three separate areas. The first will feature the cat as an animal through history, the second will be dedicated to cartoons and the last area will obviously showcase the character of the Chat. The museum will also give pride of place to great masters and emerging young cartoonists with temporary six-month exhibitions.

After 21 volumes and 14 million albums and books sold, Philippe Geluck is fulfilling another of his dreams by opening this museum. For the occasion, the museum’s permanent collection will be comprised of paintings, drawings and sculptures of the Cat supplied by the author.