A taste of Tuscany

What does Italy sound like? What are the first thoughts that come to mind when it is about Tuscany? Well, the reputation of this Italian region is absolutely not a lie. And Florence is definitely a city you should pop down for a couple of days.

The first thing you should have a look at is the Duomo, at the heart of the city centre. The Cathedral, together with the Campanile de Giotto and the Battistero di San Giovanni will give you a very first idea of the beauty of Florence. The Cathedral, which was built in the 14th century, is indeed one of the biggest Christian edifices across Europe. Should you aim to take an acceptable picture, good luck! Although religious buildings are basically in a middle of a massive square, the Duomo takes almost all the space of the square in Florence. You can access the building for a small amount of money (EUR 3), but you probably will queue for decades…. Welcome to Florence. If you’re not patient, it could be hard to visit museums and buildings.


Once you have seen that impressive square, you might head to the Porcellino fountain, in order to caress the boar. If you do that, that means you will go back to Florence once. You then must see the second major attraction of the capital of Tuscany: the Vecchio bridge. You do not exactly know how the buildings can hold on the bridge, but it seems to work. Should you wait for the sunset to come, you’ll have the chance to take great pictures.


When it comes to visits, you should consider the Palazzo Vecchio. The City hall, at the heart of the historical centre, is absolutely a must see! And in case you aim to have a break, you can consider sitting down at one the terraces in front to drink a Spritz (be careful, they are not that cheap). The Galleria dell’Accademia will also surely be of interest to you if you’re a fan or arts. David, the famous Michelangelo’s work, is indeed there.

 Palazzo Vecchio

Although Florence offers you dozens and dozens of museums, palaces, churches, and other interesting sites to visit, it’s also worth only having a long walk in the city centre. The atmosphere is very touristic, but the streets are really charming.

city centre

Would you like to taste a pizza, pasta, gnocchi or other Italian dishes? Staying in Italy a couple of days means choosing which delicious dish you fancy… and it’s not obvious. If you pop down at the central market, you can go upstairs all the day and evening long. A sort of massive space is full of small restaurants and bars. All the Italian flavours will be at your disposal, and you can have a look at dozens of options before choosing what you really would like to eat.


When it comes to accomodation, you can have many opportunities in the city centre, with hotels or flats. But in case you like relaxing atmospheres, you could consider renting a room in a villa a bit outside of Florence. The hills indeed offer you a great view on the city and the Duomo. The prices are acceptable, and buses will allow you to reach the city centre in a bit less than 15 minutes. And that could be a chance to visit the Tuscan campaign, which is super nice.

Still not convinced yet? It is now up to you to plan your next escapade.