A vast choice of exhibitions for the end of the summer vacation

As is the case every year, September is the month that sees the start of the cultural year. This is the time when the capital’s many museums and cultural centres take the opportunity to present their new programmes. From Beyond Klimt to Michel Blazy, not forgetting many exhibitions dedicated to Horta, art lovers are not going to be short-changed.

As the children head back to school vacation, Brussels is chock-a-block with all kinds of exhibitions to suit a wide variety of tastes. Here is a just a small selection of them, in chronological order.

Chris Marker: Memories of the Future

BOZAR and La Cinémathèque française join forces for a journey through the world and archives of Chris Marker (1921-2012), the militant film-maker behind La Jetée (1962), but also an author, photographer, illustrator, musician, multimedia artist and globetrotter. The New Wave director, Alain Resnais, described him as “the prototype of the 21st century man”, super-versatile and cosmopolitan.

Venue: BOZAR
Dates: 19/09/2018-06/01/2019
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Michel Blazy

La Loge will be transformed into an animated temporary garden, combining a selection of films with organic and mutating materials, which are Studio Blazy’s key elements. This installation will explore the way in which matter is transformed, grows and deteriorates under the influence of spatial and climatic conditions (architecture, technology, etc.)

Venue: La Loge
Dates: 06/09/2018 – 10/11/2018
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René Daniëls: Fragments from an unfinished novel

Inspired by the title of one of Daniëls’ rare pieces of writing, the exhibition “Fragments from an unfinished novel” explores the phenomenon of déjà-vu and the relationship between perception and memory, which is central to his work. Presenting historical canvases and several works never seen before, the exhibition traces the development of the Dutch artist’s visual language, exploring the repetition and variation effects inherent to his work. A wide selection of drawings completes the show, offering a better understanding of the evolution of his vocabulary.

Venue: Wiels
Dates: 07/09/2018 – 06/01/2019
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Along the Way

Fondation CAB is delighted to present Along the Way, the first monographic exhibition dedicated to the British artist Richard Long organised in Belgium for more than forty years. Along the Way presents its the artist’s major works, with written works, photography and sculpture. A new work specially commissioned and created in situ forms the centrepiece of the exhibits, echoing the magnificent nineteen thirties Art Deco architecture of the Fondation CAB

Venue: Fondation CAB
Date: 14/09/2018 – 27/10/2018
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Beyond the Great War: 1918-1928

In the exhibition “Beyond the Great War: 1918-1928”, the War Heritage Institute makes an in-depth exploration of several major themes such as the final offensive, the liberation, the post-war period and the geopolitical revolutions, but also economic reconstruction, the grieving process and commemoration, and socio-political and sociocultural changes.

The exhibition includes some exceptional pieces from the rich collections of the WHI and national and international museums. 1920s backdrops and items from the “Années folles” (the “Roaring Twenties”), as well as interactive tools, hold their share of surprises and emotions for the visitor. Venue: Musée royal de l’Armée et d’Histoire Militaire (War Heritage Institute)

Date: 21/09/2018 – 22/09/2019
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Beyond Klimt

The end of the First World War and of the Austro-Hungarian Empire marked the start of a new series of major artistic developments. The political and economic changes led to migrations of artists, as well as ideas and new perspectives. Artists developed new networks, met each other in artistic centres through international associations, and used magazines to communicate across political borders. They put their artistic identity before their nationality. In this exhibition, you can explore a mutating central Europe through the eyes of Gustav Klimt, Josef Capek, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, László Moholy-Nagy and 75 other artists

Venue: BOZAR
Dates: 21/09/2018 – 20/01/2019
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Koenraad Dedobbeleer: Kunststoff – Gallery of Material Culture

Dedobbeleer has become particularly fascinated with the mechanisms of presentation, with the way in which value is attributed to certain objects, precisely through the ways in which they are presented. For him, an exhibition is a work of art in itself, which comprises a variable series of components, groups, accessories and “actors”. His exhibition at WIELS combines existing works and new productions specially created for its spaces. The installations in the first few rooms, made up of existing works, evoke commercial forms of presentation (such as the big department stores or showrooms), while the second part of the exhibition is made of up new display cases in which Dedobbeleer arranges different categories of “found” objects and materials (“objets trouvés”).

Venue: Wiels
Date: 22/09/2018 – 06/01/2019
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Brussels November 1918 Emerging from war, reinventing peace

Through historic photos, film archives and items of the period, the exhibition plunges us into the tortured Brussels of 1918. 11 November 1918 marked the end of the Great War. For Brussels, this was the end of an occupation which had lasted nearly 50 months. How did the people of Brussels experience the end of the war, and what were the main issues facing Brussels during that period? Through historic photos, film archives and items of the period, the trilingual exhibition plunges us into the torments of Brussels in 1918, caught between managing public health and coping with the placement of refugees and the return of combatants and exiles, and the need to establish peace in society and to organise a new democracy.

Venue: Musée Belvue
Date: 26/09/2018 > 06/01/2019
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A huge exhibition and platform for action and reflection, RESISTANCE explores, through a thematic approach, the way in which opposition and resistance are an integral part of art. Presenting a dialogue between the historic works of 1968 and contemporary works by Belgian and international artists, it reflects the tremendous opening-up that took place around 1968, of which contemporary art is still a part.

Venue: CENTRALE for contemporary art
Dates: 27/09/2018 – 27/01/2019
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