Brussels Affordable Art Fair 2018

Calling all artists and art aficionados; there is a fair coming to town that will shake up the art market and level your purchasing power: The Affordable Art Fair on the 15th – 18th of March at Tour & Taxis exhibition centre.

This fair originally started in a small London Borough, and the company has since expanded, encompassing many known and unknown galleries to showcase art in various European cities; with Brussels being one of its stops.

Returning for its 10th edition, the Brussels Affordable Art Fair will have 90 local, national and international galleries showcasing a wide range of contemporary art represented through the mediums of sculptures, paintings, photography, mixed medium and more.

This fair was created with the idea to make art more approachable for the majority of people. Categories ranging from below €500 to steadily increasing increments are helpful for prospective purchasers; with clear labelling indicating price on first glance so people can see what’s within their range and pick from there.

The fair will also offer an online shop which you can buy and sell your works on, in addition to the upcoming event.

So whether you are interested in buying or selling art, this fair offers a new platform for artists and provides them with a new and un-utilised audience who are keen to partake; breaking the trepidation many feel when thinking of buying art and selling art.