STUK presents “New Measuring Rites” by Manon Santkin

Categories: Performance
Date: 10/10/2019
Time: 20 h 30
Location: STUK Soetezaal
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Could you imagine a world without time, weight and distance, in short: a world without boundaries? In New Measuring Rites choreographer Manon Santkin leads us to a liquid universe called Current Situation. Colours constantly change. Obstacles appear and disappear. The inhabitants don’t know how to use their senses to navigate within this familiar yet strange place. In learning how to deal with the situation, they create their own language: they discover new forms, develop coping strategies and, from these new findings, discover new ways of evaluating their circumstances. Since human memory, our thinking and communication have been based on measurements, calculations and comparisons. Can we change our view of the world by taking on other forms of information?



The show will take place at the STUK Soetezaal (Leuven) the 10th of October, at 20:30.

The price is of 10 euros (standard) and 6 euros (with reduction).

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