Another Gilets Jaunes demonstration planned for December 8th

On Friday, November 30th, the Giles Jaunes demonstrated in Brussels, a series of events resulting in some violent acts and the arrest of 82 people.

In Paris they vandalized many public places like the Arc du Triomphe. Many arrests took place.

The Gilets Jaunes are demanding a new gathering in Brussels.

“Instead of going to Paris, go to Brussels!”, one can read on their Facebook group.



“Social misery is globalized. Going to the European Parliament means showing Europeans that they too must wear the yellow vest for their rights. It is also a way of fraternizing with our neighbors who, too, are fed up with working for a pittance and suffering the tax burden for the 1% rich.”

For the moment, no request for demonstration has been introduced but the authorities remain vigilant as the Gilets Jaunes in Belgium who, in view of the actions planned for this coming Saturday in Paris, suspect that some stir might happen in Brussels as well.