Beards and moustaches in the spotlight in Antwerp

As Belgian Pride was in full swing in the streets of Brussels, another extravagant event was taking place in Antwerp between 17 and 19 May 2019. The Antwerp moustache club (Snorrenclub Antwerpen) was organising the 14th edition of the World Beard and Moustache Championships. It was the first time that this international contest was held in Belgium.

This year, some 500 participants from about twenty countries competed in three disciplines: beards, partial beards and moustaches. They could compete in different categories, from the English moustache to the Dali moustache, including the musketeer beard and the Alaskan whaler beard. Women could also win prizes in specific categories (the most realistic and the most creative beards and moustaches). The weekend came to an end with a parade in the streets of Antwerp.

The Snorrenclub Antwerpen, which was proud to organise the contest, has existed since 1978 and, every year, rewards the “Belgian moustache of the year”. It has taken part in the World Championships since 2005.