Belgian cheeses win big at the World Cheese Awards

Three Belgian cheese makers have won a number of medals at the World Cheese Awards held in Bergen, Norway.

For the fourth consecutive year, De Kazerij has returned laden with awards; its hard or mimolette cheeses appealed to the panel on six occasions.


Frontieren vieux also struck the right note with the taste buds, winning the Super Gold Medal and the congratulations of the panel. The Frandrien Grand Cru secured a gold medal while other cheeses from this small Belgian producer won second and third places in their category. The cheese maker ‘t Groendal (Roulers) saw nine of its cheese win awards. Its Old Groendal received a gold medal, while five others obtained silver medals and the last three were awarded bronze.

As for the Namur-based cheesemaker, Samson, it came away with a first prize for its Tresse di fou and a bronze for its Lingot.

Outstanding successes which should inspire your cheese platters this festive season!

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