Belgian solar car wins Carrera Solar competition in Chile

The Punch Powertrain Solar Team from the KU Leuven has won the Carrera Solar Atacama in Chile. This is the most extreme competition for solar cars.

Solar cars are cars that use solar energy as their sole power source. Competitions for them are organised regularly, with the Carrera Solar Atacama being the most difficult. The race is 2,577 km long and runs through the Andes mountains and the Atacama, once of the driest deserts in the world.


Solar Car
© Punch Powertrain Solar Team


The Belgian team’s Punch 2 crossed the finish line with a considerable lead after 36 hours, spread over five days. It is the first time the team has managed to win a race.

The Punch 2 was the seventh solar car the team of engineering students had developed. The next challenge is the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. This world championship for solar cars will take place in October 2019. The Belgians had already come third in this competition in 2017. The Punch Powertrain Solar Team is already working flat-out on a new vehicle to take a punt at victory next year.