Bright Brussels Festival of Lights

The Bright Brussels Festival of Lights started on Thursday, February 14th, and will last until February 17th. Artists and international collectives decorate emblematic places in the city.

Quays, Sainte-Catherine, the Place du Vieux Marché aux Grains, the Grand Place and the Brussels Parliament are dressed in light thanks to the luminous installations and animations.

“Last year, the event attracted some 120,000 visitors. This year, we hope to do more. More streets will be reserved for pedestrians,” said Brussels Mobility Minister, Pascal Smet. On the Vismet Square, the installation called “Njörd” will deserve special attention.



“This is the one we have chosen to represent the thirty years of the Brussels Region,” added Regional Minister Rudi Vervoort.

Another novelty this year: on presentation of the festival brochure, to withdraw in the tourist information centers, visitors can visit the Center Kanal Pompidou for 5 euros.