Brussels Airlines CEO Christina Foerster announces separation from Eurowings

Brussels Airlines CEO Christina Foerster has announced that Brussels Airlines is separating from Eurowings.

Anita Van Hoof of the socialist trade union BBTK (Setca) stated that it is positive news as “staff have always been in favour of that since Lufthansa took over Brussels Airlines”.

The airline used to be a part of Eurowings within the Lufthansa Group.

However, Brussels Airlines will maintain close contact with partners of the group such as Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Swiss.



Eurowings stated on their press-release that they will focus on short-distance, mainly intra-European flights.

Further information will be released by the group by the end of the week since the unions have not yet received any details on the management’s recovery plan for the carrier.

It has yet to be seen whether the airline will remain independent. According to Filip Lemberechts (ACLVB / CGSLB), “the staff will be more motivated to find solutions if Brussels Airlines remains independent”.