Brussels Airport pays an emotional tribute to the victims of the 22 March terrorist attacks

Today Thursday 22 March, Brussels Airport paid tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks that hit the airport on 22 March 2016. The ceremony was held in accordance with the wishes expressed by the victims’ organisations and the federal government with Brussels Airport providing all necessary logistic support. Brussels Airport moreover facilitated access to the Memorial Garden, a commemorative garden created in memory of the victims of 22 March 2016. Prime Minister Charles Michel, accompanied by several members of the federal government, and Minister-President of the Flemish government Geert Bourgeois were present to support the victims and their families.

At 7.58 am, the time at which the terrorist attacks took place at Brussels Airport two years ago, following a moment of reflection, a minute’s silence was observed in memory of the victims. Due to a technical issue, the minute’s silence could not be announced in the departures hall as it was elsewhere at the airport. Brussels Airport has apologised for this unfortunate incident.

A few minutes earlier, flowers had been laid at the commemorative plaque in the departures hall by Prime Minister Charles Michel and by Arnaud Feist and Marc Descheemaecker, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Brussels Airport Company, respectively. After the minute’s silence, the victims and their families proceeded to the Sheraton hotel, opposite the departures hall, for a private talk with the Prime Minister.

At 11 am, the commemorations continued in the terminal and in the Memorial Garden, where the victims and their relatives could gather their thoughts and where several people gave a touching speech. A commemorative stele was inaugurated with the names of the victims who lost their lives at Brussels Airport, to remember them always.

A team of psychologists of the federal police was present for the whole duration of the commemorations to accompany and support the victims.