Brussels Attacks: let’s remember together!

Today is two years since Brussels Maelbeek Metro Station and the National Airport were the target of terrorist violence which left 32 dead and 340 injured, in the heart of a city bruised and traumatized .

Beyond the enhanced security measures (military presence in the streets, alert levels 3 pusi 2, on the territory), and stress still visible in the city, there is the desire to bring life together, and to perpetuate warm solidarity with the victims and their loved ones.

Two years later, we remain united in pain and sorrow with those who must continue to live in mourning or bearing the aftermath of these attacks.

The population is therefore invited to share a moment of meditation and support on March 22, 2018, in several places that have become symbolic of this cruel day for Brussels and the country.

The tributes to the victims will take place:

  • At the Schumann Memorial, a small rue de la Loi, between the Schuman roundabout and the Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrance
  • In front of the message board in Maelbeek metro station
  • In front of the Olivier de Benoit van Innis in Maelbeek
  • At the memorial to the 32 trees of the Sonian Forest
  • In front of the sculpture of the Place Communale, in Molenbeek
  • At the Garden Memorial at the entrance to Zaventem
  • At the bus stop “De Lijn”, Memorial Garden.
  • In Loubna Square Lafquiri

This commemoration is yet another opportunity to express compassion for the victims, but also to demonstrate that the Brussels population of all origins and cultures, remains committed to its values as a unique, peaceful and common life model. Beyond the rejection of hatred and violence, this March 22 must be an opportunity for all to reaffirm solidarity and faith in a society based on respect, sharing, and dialogue.

Let us be numerous in these places of commemoration and express our empathy for the victims of these attacks, and our presence, our hope that obscurantism and violence no longer have the right to flourish in our city and our country.