Brussels ban old diesel vehicles from 2018

The Brussels Region is banning all diesel cars over 20 years old starting 2018. The entire Brussels Region is set to become a low emission zone.

Brussels has been criticised by the European Commission for non-compliance with pollution standards. With the new ban, the goal is to reduce pollution related to exhaust gases.

From 2019, the ban will apply to petrol cars from before 1997 and diesel cars pre-2001. The restrictions will continue to expand until 2025, when diesels pre-2015 and petrol cars pre-2001 cannot use the roads. The measure is gradual. It shall enter into force in tranches. Every year new vehicles will be banned. This, until 2025.

As of 1 January 2018, only the oldest diesels will be concerned, those which correspond to the Euro1 standard. This cars are registered between 01/07/1992 and 31/12/1996. The ban of 1 January 2018 also applies to vehicles without this Euro standard, those registered before 01/07/1992.

Pollution in Brussels

2019 until 2025

As of January 1, 2019, the Euro2 standard diesel vehicles will also be banned. Registration period: 01/01/1997 until 31/12/2000.

In 2019, gasoline vehicles will also be affected, at least those of the Euro1 standard or without Euro standard, petrol engines registered between 01/07/1992 and 31/12/1996 or earlier.

For subsequent years, the system excludes the next diesel standard (Euro3 in 2020, Euro4 in 2022 and Euro5 in 2025), while petrol vehicles are saved until 2025 (Euro2 prohibition).