Brussels-based man finds his stolen bike in Albania thanks to an App

Denis Hacquin, from Brussels, whose Cowboy bike was stolen several weeks ago found it in Albania thanks to the Find My Bike app.  “About a month ago, my bike, which was inside and attached to the wall, was stolen in Ixelles. I lodged a complaint with the police,” said the electric bike owner to Belgian news outlet BRUZZ.

“After that, everything went very slowly. Days passed without news from the police. I had lost hope until the Find My Bike app suddenly indicated that my bike was in Budapest, and not much later in the Albanian village of Fier,” continues the man. “I communicated this information to the police, but it took weeks before they moved. So I posted a message on the Reddit Internet forum. ”


Credits: Alejandro Lopez @lopify


The man immediately received many reactions from Albanians who wanted to help him, including someone who explained how he could contact the cabinet of the Albanian Minister of the Interior. “I emailed them and the next day they found my bike. ”

Denis Hacquin and the Prime Minister’s representatives are studying how to bring his bicycle back to Brussels. He is currently in a local police station in Albania.