Brussels City Mayor perturbed: Two police officers injured at Place Sainte Catherine

Two police officers were injured during a patrolling action at Place Sainte-Catherine on the night from Thursday to Friday. The information announced on this subject by the Belgian news outlet DH was confirmed by the cabinet of the mayor of the City of Brussels, Philippe Close (PS).



According to DH, the facts occurred shortly before 02:00 in the morning. A patrol was sent to control a fight in the neighborhood of Place Sainte-Catherine. Upon the arrival of the police, stones were thrown at them. One of the police officers is unable to work for a week. For Philippe Close, it is “unacceptable” that police are the object of projectile throwing.

Philippe Close asked the police force to make every effort to locate the perpetrators as quickly as possible.

“There will not be any impunity in Brussels and I won’t let it go unnoticed when someone dares to attack the forces of the order, whose job is to ensure the safety of our fellow citizens,” he said.