Brussels electronic marathon: tips and suggestions

One week left to the beginning of the Brussels Electronic Marathon!

All the necessary steps have been taken to make of this event a bright success, as the previous edition. The artists have been confirmed and the choice is quite vast: more than 60 events are scheduled, scattered around Brussels. It will be a unique occasion for discovering both Brussels’ nightlife and music scene, and to check out new spots hidden around the city.

With so many artists and groups performing, one may feel lost and indecisive about where to go and what to check out first, so Brussels Express is guiding you through, offering some suggestions on the events present.

The very first day (the 13th of October) the festival will start with a concert in one of the new venues acquired for this edition, Studio 4 in Flagey. The venue will host Fennesz, Austrian artist famous for his luminous installations: he will propose an audiovisual piece animated by Lillevan. Studio 4 will also host the musical project Beton (FTRSND), who will perform the electronic reinterpretation of the track “In C” by Terry Riley.

On Saturday 14th BEM will host two great event: the United night at Fuse, that will reunite several prominent authors of the Belgian electronic scene (such as Initiate, Norite, FTRSND, Lessismore, Beyond, Terminal Techno, Deep In House, High Needs Low, Brussels Alternative Show, Echoes_, Theory, Circadian et Form & Function) and the Beat Battle at Recyclart, judged by the members of Beatchronic, Full Colorz, FTRSND et Cosmic Pop.

On Sunday 15th Café des Halles and La Belgica will host two more parties, starting early in the afternoon and finishing late at night.

During the marathon there will be talks and expos to discover more sides of the electronic world: for instance, on Friday la Maison des Music will host a workshop on “Beat-making”, on Saturday La Vallée will have several workshops and activities opened also to children and on Sunday, you may relax with a docu-film at Marivaux or participate to a showcase at Crevette Records.

During the festival (and even few days after it), seize the occasion and visit the Palais de Coudenberg: besides being an incredible building overflowing with art, it is also the scenario for a new, temporary expo called Synesthetics, dedicated to the decomposition of music and its association with different senses.

#BEM17 will be a lively and incredible experience, that will cast a new light not just on music and art, but to the city itself. A must-go!