Brussels is over 50% green in its region

The Brussels Region consists of more than half green space, a recent study by Bruxelles Environnement has revealed.

According to the report, 54.4% of Belgium’s capital is made up of green space. This figure compares favourably with that of other major European cities, such as London (47%) and Berlin (46%).

(Photo – Madison Nickel)


The calculated figure takes into account areas such as public parks and public gardens, as well as private gardens, stadium lawns, and green roofs.

The overall figure, however, masks huge disparities in the presence of green spaces at the communal level.

Unsurprisingly, Watermael-Boitsfort is the commune which has largest amount of green space (88%), with the presence of plenty of parks, private gardens; the Soignes forest helps explain this figure, as well.

In contrast, the least green municipalities are Saint-Gilles and Saint-Josse, with a mere 16% and 17% of their respective areas given over to green spaces.