Brussels shortlisted as a European Capital of Smart Tourism

Along with 9 other European cities, Brussels has been shortlisted for the The European Capital of Smart Tourism award, which recognizes outstanding achievements in smart tourism in European cities. The other shortlisted cities are: Helsinki, Ljubljana, Lyon, Málaga, Nantes, Palma, Poznan, Tallin, and Valencia.

Smart tourism responds to new challenges and demands in a fast-changing sector, including the evolution of digital tools, products and services; equal opportunity and access for all visitors; sustainable development of the local area; and support to creative industries, local talent and heritage.

This initiative is managed by the European Commission Directorate General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and results from a preparatory action proposed by the European Parliament. It is aimed at rewarding innovative and smart tourism in European Cities.


Palma🇪🇸 offers visitors beautiful nature and its preservation is a top priority. For instance, to reach protected…

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A group of independent experts with specialist knowledge covering each award category (1) accessibility, (2) sustainability, (3) digitization, (4) cultural heritage & creativity) evaluated all applications submitted by 38 cities from 19 EU Member States.

In the next step, a European Jury will choose two cities out of the ten shortlisted. The two winning cities will be granted the title of the European Capitals of Smart Tourism throughout 2019.

Four cities will be recognized for their outstanding achievements in each of the four award categories mentioned above.

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