Calculate the impact of your mobility choices on the quality of air in Brussels

Did you know that an average person breathes about 15,000 liters of air a day. Unfortunately, the air pollutants generated by human activities are numerous. The most problematic gaseous pollutant in our city is nitrogen dioxide. In Brussels, road traffic is responsible for 69% of emissions , the rest being mainly due to heating and to a lesser extent to industry.

Brussels Mobility has put out an online calculator to measure the impact of your mobility on air quality. As such everyone can test their current modes of travel.

“To breathe better in Brussels, test the impact of your travel modes on the air quality and adapt your mobility,” writes Brussels Mobility.

Even though the tool is not scientific, in less than a day more than 3000 individuals have tried it out. At the end of the test, Brussels Mobility provides simple steps how you can improve your air quality footprint.

If you want to know if you are part of the problem or the solution, you can calculate the impact of your mobility by using this online calculator.


Unsplash – From: Alexander Popov @5tep5