Celebration of Kosovo’s 11th anniversary of independence in Brussels

“On February 26, 2019, the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Brussels hosted a solemn reception on marking the 11th anniversary of Kosovo’s statehood. Invited at this reception were representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Belgium, representatives from the Belgian authorities, European Union institutions, NATO and representatives from our diaspora in Belgium,” wrote the Embassy on their profile.

In addition to marking an important celebration, seeing so many people from different nationalities come together and celebrate, felt like another great achievement.

Coming from Kosovo as a master’s student here in Brussels,  I had the honor of meeting Ambassador, Bernard Nikaj, as well as the rest of the staff of Kosovo’s Embassy in Brussels.



After having paid tribute to Kosovo, Belgium and the EU by playing the national anthems, Ambassador Nikaj prepared for his speech.

“In the greeting speech, Ambassador of Kosovo, Bernard Nikaj mentioned the achievements, challenges and difficulties faced by Kosovo over the past 11 years. Among other things, Ambassador Nikaj emphasized the progress achieved in fulfilling the criteria for visa liberalization, economic growth of the country, advancements in the field of law and order, as well as the transition of the KSF to a modern army that will contribute to peace and stability in region.”



The event was hosted at the Cultural Center of Woluwe-Saint Pierre, where guests also had the chance to enjoy some delicious traditional food accompanied by local wine and beer.



Being in the capital of one of the biggest exporters of local beer, it was an amazing experience to have international friends and colleagues try out our local products. Their appreciation and show of interest in these goods, proves once again Kosovo’s potential to reach European markets.