Choose the Brusselian of the year – You decide who’s made a difference for Brussels

Decide which entity or person makes Brussels different.

For more than 20 years, the Brusselian of the year awards a person or an entity which changes or has a significant impact on our city, Brussels.

Last year, the Citizen’s platform for refugee support (Plateforme citoyenne pour le soutien aux réfugié) has won the award, in all categories.

This year, Bx1 , La Capitale, Le Soir, Vlan and Vivacité Bruxelles have pre-listed 25 Brusselian characters that have been very active in the Belgian capital over the last 12 months. The 25 personalities have been classified in five categories: political action, society, economy, culture and sports. And each category will get a winner.



What makes this competition interactive?

You are entitled to elect the ones that seem the most relevant to you. It is indeed up to the Brusselians to choose who deserves to get awarded as Brusselian of the year in each category.

You may have a look here and make your decision.

The final ceremony will be screened on BX1’s website on 26 February. In case you’d like to attend, it will be held at Flagey.