Classissimo: a festival for classical music lovers

Classical music fans fear not: Brussels hasn’t forgot you while organizing this summer’s festivals!

Since 2007 the Classissimo Festival offers a variety of classical concerts, addressed both to connaisseurs and to neophytes. The show focuses on classical music and presents a rich repertoire of tracks, from the most antique, well-known and appreciated, to the most recent and experimental. It invites successful and prominent artists, as well as young and talented musicians. The aim of the show is offering a variety of high quality and accessible concerts, to enhance the love for classical music and develop the knowledge the public has of it. The high standards and the accurate selection of the performers allowed the festival to join the very famous Brussels Summer Festival until 2015. After that, Classissimo decided to become more independent and to affirm itself on Brussels’ cultural scene. It was finally set in the luxurious Théâtre Royal du Parc, where the event is hosted every year, on a tight collaboration with the Cultural Service of the City of Brussels.


The director of the show, Georges Dumortier, has developed a consistent musical experience during his career, approaching the topic from different angles. He has been teaching at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels for 36 years and he has been a composer and a conductor. This enabled him to effectively structure the festival and chose the artists participating, offering a high-quality show and themed nights. This year for instance, the festival started on the 4th of August and will end on the 10th; it has scheduled  interesting concerts, such as the piano night on the 8th of August and a fascinating concert dedicated to Tango on the 10th.

Don’t miss this opportunity: discover something new about classical music and merge in its fascinating melodies!