Come and cycle 10-metres high through the trees in Flanders

Flanders is streaked with a fine maze of cycle nodes, that is to say a network of interconnected bike paths.

In Hechtel-Eksel, in the district of Limburg, you can now enjoy a unique cycling and walking experience: Cycling through the Trees. A 700-metre long, 3-metre wide path in the middle of the woods guides you up to a height of 10 metres between the treetops, along a double circle measuring 100 metres in diameter. The gradient is very gradual, hardly reaching 3 or 4%, which makes the attraction accessible to all.


cycle limburg
Source – Visit Limburg


Furthermore, the sensational 360° panorama over Limburg’s extensive nature is very rewarding. The trip back down follows a similar gentle slope. For safety reasons, the path travels in one direction only and is fenced off with a subtle wire plus a railing.

Along with Cycling through Water, close to the famous open-air museum of Bokrijk, this project is, both literally and figuratively, bound to take the province of Limburg to a higher level. The aim is for as many people as possible to take to their bikes. This is good for their health, the environment as well as local catering and accommodation facilities.

Cycling through the Trees can be found in the district of Hechtel-Eksel, at Pijnven Forest in the children’s adventure woods known as Bosland, close to cycle node number 272.