Crèches in Brussels: how does it work?

Will you soon be a parent? If so, it might be time to think about crèche, isn’t it? 

If you live in Brussels and you will be a parent soon, you have probably thought about seeking for a crèche. Or maybe you haven’t thought about it yet. No pressure at all but if you read this article you should search for one as soon as possible. Quick reminder: Being a parent at the beginning can drive you “to the place that sends you mad”.


Public crèche

The first and the cheapest plan lies within the public crèches. In Brussels, they are managed by two institutions: ONE (Office de la naissance et de l’enfance) for the French-speaking community and Kind & Gezin for the Dutch-speaking community. Both ONE and K&G coordinate the public crèches. As  these are managed and supported by public institutions, a public crèche is of course the cheapest option.

The monthly fee will  depend on your net income. You also can get a tax discount. Many applications are however submitted and you therefore have to start filling the administrative documents as soon as you know that you’re expecting a child. Most of the kintergarden’s are fully booked for the year around April. Plus,  as it is public and cheaper, a public creche generally welcomes many children. This could be a major concern for some parents… Should you need more information, you may visit the ONE’s and K&G website.

Private crèche

If you want your child to be in fancier environment with fewer children, you then should have a look at the private crèches. These all have been certified by ONE or K&G (some of them are also financially supported) and therefore comply with the legal requirements with regard to health and safety. The price is however higher, but you are also entitle to get tax discounts.

There are lots of private crèches across Brussels. It should not be a huge challenge to find one in your neighbourhood. You however often also need to apply about one year before, as quite some private crèches are quickly fully booked. With regard to the price, it of course depends from one crèche to another, but the range goes about from EUR 600 to EUR 1000 for full-time weeks. Most of the private crèches work with different options: full week (5 days) 4 days or 3 days. The price will change according to your need.

The EU institutions

Last but not least good news for EU civil servants: you can also have children! In Brussels special EU crèches exist that make the life of the EU civil servant easier. The MEPs, the EP employees and civil servants are  entitled to contract a private kindergarten, which works with the European Parliament. Although it might sound a bit unfair to the Brussels expats, it is still a good plan for the EP employees.

Although it can still be a concern, do not worry, you will find something in due time if you are really committed to find a solution!