Dance on the rhythm of hip-hop at Lezarts Danses Urbaines

The street culture is a modern cultural phenomenon rich in influences and in constant evolution, that has reshaped the way we look at the development of popular culture. Street culture may sometimes appear obscure and hard to access, making it more difficult for people to understand it and appreciate it.

The festival Lezarts Danses Urbaines, starting on Saturday, will give a strong insight into the Belgian and international hip-hop landscape, offering a unique opportunity to get closer to the phenomenon. Both famous and emerging artists and dancers from across the world will be there and perform all the day long, giving some new perspectives and information on the constantly-changing universe of street art and dance.

This cultural event will start at KVS BOX, between Sainte-Catherine and Iser, at 4.00 pm with choreographic shows. This first part will enable the outsiders to show what they are able to do, while at 6.30 pm, an open cypher will provide some of the dancers with the opportunity to be involved in “battles”. The second part of the event will take place at KVS BOL and will host hip-hop bands, who will perform with their choreographies and creations.

The festival can make your weekend a bit more different and exciting, introducing you to a niche environment in the world of art and music!