De Lijn limits its offer in the Flemish periphery of Brussels due to lack of drivers

Last week, De Lijn – the Flemish public transport company – announced that from Monday (November 4) it will remove one or more routes on the twenty lines that serve Brussels’ periphery. The reason is the lack of drivers.

Changes will only be applicable during the week. During the weekends, the usual schedule will take place. The impacted lines are detailed on the company’s website. The measure only concerns the Flemish periphery of Brussels.

After the Christmas holidays, the schedule will be restored. In fact, De Lijn expects to have enough bus drivers at that time.


Credits: De Lijn Facebook Page


Other regions in Flanders have experienced a shortage of staff, but recruitment efforts have already paid off, says De Lijn. The company points out that measures have been taken to increase the reliability of the service on the rest of the network. It also specifies that rush hours and school trips will be spared.