Brussels is a thriving cosmopolitan and modern city. However, the gleam of the shiny HQs and tall modern skyscrapers casts a shadow on some of its residents, who more often than not, don’t receive the same positive image. But this could be about to change after the publication of an article that tackled the question of the lack of education and poverty in Brussels.

This article served to launch a new campaign to fight against certain clichés that can sometimes affect people from minority backgrounds. In Belgium, some leading media companies are accused of illustrating points on poor education and poverty by associating it with a photo of Black people and Arabs – connoting damaging stereotypes with those associated. In response, this campaign uses an elegant, constructive, humour filled and educational response to dispel this faux pas.

Creating 18 profiles of people with foreign backgrounds, we see a different and balanced reality.

Photos © Vaya Sigmas / Success Diverstory asbl

These profiles of successful entrepreneurs and self starters serves this campaign in its highlighting of role models for young people. But its aims are not only to inspire the young but to give a tangible space for them to come and meet these chosen role models and share their career paths at high schools and universities. To put in place the creation of educational sheets and forum to gather different peoples to work together in diversifying the networks and topics, and broadcast the overall theme of a sense of belonging beyond their race or community.

Google, BXL, and JCDecaux currently back the campaign, but this project requires both human and financial investment, so the initiative is extending the opportunity for others to get involved and help finance the work they are doing and bring the focus to the wider public and policymakers.