“Dinner in the Sky” returns to Brussels – this time overlooking the canal

After being suspended over the Scheldt in Antwerp last week, “Dinner in the Sky” – a fine dining experience, with food served while guests are suspended from a crane at high altitude – is returning to Belgium’s capital city this Thursday, this time overlooking the Brussels Canal.

A five-course menu (295 euros) will be prepared, cooked and served daily by the nominated chef of the day at noon, 7pm and 9.30pm, until June 23. Guests will be welcomed on the Quai Béco, near Place Sainctelette, with the organisers promising guests that they will “walk on the water before taking off” for a view of Tour & Taxis, the port of Brussels and the future Kanal Pompidou Museum.



The restaurant will be able to seat 22 guests at a time, and will feature dishes from the following acclaimed chefs: Yves Mattagne (Sea Grill**), David Martin (La Paix**), Pierre Résimont (L’Eau Vive**), Alexandre Dionisio (La Villa in the Sky**), Bart De Pooter (De Pastorale**), Viki Geunes (‘T Zilte**), Karen Torosyan (Bozar Restaurant*), Isabelle Arpin (Isabelle Arpin), Giovanni Bruno (Senzanome*), Luigi Ciciriello (La Truffe Noire*), Mathieu Jacri (Villa Emily*) and Alain Bianchin (Restaurant Alain Bianchin*).

Cocktail sessions (125 euros) will also be organised on weekend afternoons, consisting of three appetizers concocted by chef Alexandre Moormann (Atelier Gustave) and three cocktails prepared by mixologist Edouard Silverhands (Cocktails.Bytheway).

A few places are still available for this “food pairing” offer (15, 22 and 23 June), as well as for the gourmet meals (19, 20 and 21 June).

Created in 2006, the “Dinner in the Sky” platforms now cover the skies of more than sixty countries, including Brazil, South Africa, the United States and many parts of Europe. Since 2012, the Belgian company has returned to the city of its origin every year during the month of June, in partnership with VisitBrussels and the City of Brussels.

The event has previously been held in Brussels at the Mont des Arts, at Parc du Cinquantenaire, and in front of the Atomium. Last year, it took place in front of the Koekelberg Basilica.