Dozens of Gilets Jaunes gathered at Arts-Loi on Saturday 15th December

A group of about a hundred Gilets Jaunes — named after the citizen movement initiated several weeks ago to denounce the price of fuel and the cost of living in general — was formed early in the afternoon on Saturday in Brussels, at the crossroads of Arts-Loi. The mobilization seems, at first, limited in number, with a strong police presence.

At first the Gilets Jaunes were gathering on the Place du Luxembourg, which was banned at the last moment.




The people gathered at Arts-Loi made it clear that they felt, by these limitations, restrained in their right to express themselves.

“Working class heroes” featured on deployed banners.

“Violence is not the answer, but it’s the system that wants it. The lies of the system are a form of violence “, indicated a spokesperson of the movement.