European Women’s Lobby Releases its Manifesto for a feminist Europe

[Brussels, April 3rd 2019] “Women make up approximately 52 percent of the European population, and yet, men are still over-represented in all EU institutions and still dominate crucial decision-making in political spheres as well as other aspects of society. This shines a bad light on these institutions that represent the face of modern democracy. Women’s rights and equality between men and women has been stalling for the past decade and we are now witnessing a step back in our progress. However, women are leading the resistance and demanding equality between women and men. It is time the EU acts for this 52 per cent of the population.

Today, the European Women’s Lobby launches its manifesto for a feminist Europe. We want women to have the same opportunities as men and to have a place in crucial decision-making as well as leading roles in EU institutions and in all facets of European society. We want economic independence for women and we want to put an end to the heinous violence women face daily in every part of Europe.

Women's lobby


We want safety and security for women and that they have the space and opportunity to live a dignifying life. Finally, it is crucial that women are able to voice their opinions and fight for their rights by ensuring that women’s organisations receive the funding that they need, deserve and are entitled to.

We hope and believe that through our recommendations, we can strive for a feminist Europe together, both at the national and at the European level. As our President Gwendoline Lefebvre has said best, that today and in May “Women and girls will seize this unique democratic moment to drive forward an equal, inclusive, diverse and democratic Europe where no one is left behind”.

We call for a transformative agenda defining a clear collective vision for a feminist Europe; to challenge stereotypes, sexism and patriarchal values. We therefore encourage you to engage now and have your voices heard. Get involved, sign our petition, sign our pledge and read our manifesto. Vote for candidates that represent the 52 percent of the European population. Vote for a feminist Europe now.”