Facebook to launch its job search in Belgium

Facebook has launched its service to find jobs in many countries, including Belgium.

Last February 2017, Mark Zuckerberg made it possible for companies in the United States to publish job ads to find “The one”, by using a specific tool. As it has been successful over the past few months, the famous CEO decided to extend that service to 40 countries, such as Belgium.  No date has yet been set, but face Since Facebook was first launched in 2007, the small startup has been exponentionally growing, become a major international company and  offering more and more services each year.

This jobs service will allow companies to insert a specific category on their facebook page, which will include a precise form to fill out. The candidate will fill all the fields, and they will also be offered the possibility to add any information that they finds appropriate. If the recruiter is interested in knowing a bit more about an applicant, both sides can then be in touch on facebook’s own messenger.

How will you see the ad?

You can be informed about the job ad if you ‘like’ the company’s page, and you then will be shown it on your newsfeed. But following millions of companies on Facebook, it is both useless and heavy, in terms of data privacy to try to find the application accepatnce/refusal through an avalanche of news. This is why the California-based company has designed a specific app, ‘Jobs’, which will gather all the ads that can be relevant to you, thanks to a special algorithm that has been implemented by the Facebook engineers.

The basic service is free of charges, but the employer can make the ad more visible and popular in case they pay a small amount of money. On the other side, the candidate doesn’t pay anything to access all the ads and applies as much as possible.

Whether you agree or disagree with the extension to new services, there is no way denying the power of Facebook and the impact it could have on different parts of society. It therefore makes sense for them invest in labour market and use all the information they have on both sides to foster employability. Will Facebook completely absorb that sector? That’s another issue.