Fight against illegal dumping

The Cleaning Service of the City of Brussels has set up a unit for booking illegal dumping. This new team is committed to identifying and verbalizing people who do not respect public space.

The team is equipped with mobile cameras on unmarked vehicles. In cooperation with the police, it organizes hidden operations based on license plates at the various locations where many cases of illegal dumping occur.In the spring, the team was already set up to catch people in all discretion. In 6 months, 649 cases of illegal dumping have thus been fined. That is an increase of 200% compared to the same period in 2016.

Good to Know:

  • the fine for illegal dumping is 250€ per cubic meter (an amount that may reach 62 500€ depending on the hazard of the waste to the environment).
  • the City of Brussels organizes a collection of bulky waste 3 times a year (in March, June and October).