Geoffroy Mottart and the flower power

Have you ever noticed, while strolling around Brussels, a statue covered by flowers popping out from the urban landscape? It is the brilliant idea of Geoffoy Mottart, a Belgian florist who decided to see and present Brussels under an unusual perspective, using creativity and humor.

The artist started his project in Forest, a neighborhood in Brussels characterized by a relaxed and quiet environment and a nice public park, since he felt comfortable and familiar in that environment, as if he were strolling in his own garden. While walking around and admiring the city, Mottart realized that people often ignore or don’t see the small details and elements that enrich the city, such as statues, since they are often caught up in their routine or rush. People dedicate less and less time to look around and observe what is going on around them, losing the small things and features that make a place unique.

Statues and half-busts are often ignored and forgotten, and may camouflage with the rest of the urban landscape: Geoffroy decided to give them a second chance, drawing the attention on them and exalting their presence in the city. The idea is underlining the hidden beauties of Brussels, while remembering once again who were the important people that helped defining and reshaping Brussels’ image in the past.

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Geoffroy’s approach is easy: he chooses a statue in the city that has a neat and simple structure and that can be easily recognized, avoiding abstract works. He then applies a sort of “wig”, to protect the statue, on which he attaches flowers and plants, creating beautiful decorations and bouquets that highlight his attention to details and compositions. Geoffroy aims to bring the statues “out of the ordinary”, giving them new attention and value and reaffirming, once again, their identity and belonging within the urban landscape.