Guy Verhofstadt is the Belgian representative on POLITICO’s 28 Class of 2018

POLITICO unveiled today its 28 class of 2018: the list of doers, disrupters and dreamers who will transform Europe in the upcoming year.

“The POLITICO newsroom ranked 28 ‘people to watch’ from 28 different countries — rebels and establishmentarians, liberals and conservatives, and people outside the political game who’ll likely have a significant impact on it” says POLITICO.

Guy Verhofstadt is the Belgian representative from this list. POLITICO says:

“Few in the European Parliament can match Guy Verhofstadt’s oratorical firepower. But while the former Belgian prime minister is always sure to be found in the thick of Europe’s political action, he has more often than not been the bridesmaid in the European Union’s real power games.

Now with Brexit, the lion is set to roar again, perhaps for the last time. Peeved at the sidelining of liberals like him from major EU leadership posts, Verhofstadt, 64, maneuvered to create the role of Parliament Brexit coordinator, and then fill it. With Parliament wielding a veto power over any final Brexit deal, that makes him EU Brexit chief negotiator Michel Barnier’s closer and, potentially, the U.K.’s worst nightmare.

One thing about Verhofstadt: While he’s always ready to do a deal, there’s always a price tag attached. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned about negotiations so far, Britain doesn’t like Brexit price tags”.

Guy Verhofstadt, the liberal lion by Jaya Nicely

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