Hof-Ter-Musschen bakery: An old-fashioned harvest method is revived to make artisanal bread

Hof Ter Musschen’s bakery launched a project in 2018: grow their wheat carefully, sow it, harvest it with a scythe and then grind it in a windmill and finally make bread in their oven. This grain is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Now, it is harvest time in their wheat field. With the heat of the last few days, the association’s volunteers got up early to mow during the cooler hours of the day. Especially since they work on the “Flemish sappe”, a traditional tool similar to the sickle.

After being sorted and threshed, the grains pass between the millstones of the Woluwe-Saint-Lambert windmill, located a few hundred meters from the plot. The breads can then be baked in a traditional oven not far from the Hof Ter Musschen’s farm.




The field is located on Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, but they have set up a collaboration with the Commune of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert to cultivate a plot of land next to the windmill from 2019.

The goal? Prepare a homemade bread at the beginning of the process. The association also organizes training courses to make bakery at home according to the ancestral method. The Hof Ter Musschen bakery is located at the corner of boulevard de la Woluwe and avenue Hippocrate.